Controlling Overwhelming Inspiration

I recently found this TED talks video through a friend of mine who knows that I struggle with my over creativity and inspirations. What I gravitated to the most in the video is the part where she talks about poet Routh Stone about 10 minutes in and the musician Tom Waits at about 12:30. This video has helped me approach my inspirations in a different way that helps me, hopefully it will help you as well. Click the image below to watch the video.

Elizabeth Gilbert on Nurturing Creativity

I love this idea that when these people get their surge of inspiration it’s normally in the most mundane of times, when they aren’t trying to be creative but when they are doing something almost mindless like working in their field or driving a car. This is something that relates to me a lot because the thing that kills my productivity more than anything is if I have to drive home from school. I know that I should be going home to do my work, but when I drive my inspirations always kick in the strongest and by the time I get home I no longer have any interest in the slightest to do my homework because I’m filled with ideas that I feel I must work on less they pass me by “to go find another poet.” After watching this one day, I had a similar rush of inspiration but I was supposed to be writing a paper. But instead of worrying about getting my ideas out before they left, I decided to take the same approach Mr. Wait took in his car and I told myself/my daimon/the wall to slow down and let me do my priorities first, “Can’t you see I’m driving?”

If you find yourself in this same situation, try Mr. Wait’s approach. You don’t have to believe in an existential creative force or a personal daimon for it to work. Do it sarcastically if you wish but try it out and see if it helps, then let me know how it worked for you in the comments below. And for those wondering, yes this video is where I took the name of this blog from.


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