Controlling Overwhelming Inspiration

Do What You Say

Here’s a little problem I’ve noticed that has been hindering, not only my struggle against over inspiration, but in general time management: doing what you say you are going to do.

Apart from those times when plans just fall through, when the unexpected changes your plans, or when plans are just inherently infeasible, it’s important to do the things you said you would do. It’s just as important to your self as it is to others. In general, everyday life this is important because else people will begin to distrust you or think you’re flaky. In your personal, mental life though, it’s even more important because the moment you begin to fall into that rut of cancelling plans or opting out of things you said you do for yourself, it becomes increasingly harder to not keep “flaking out” and ultimately you will never be able to control those over inspirational times that keep you distracted. It’s imperative to learn how to set things aside, however tempting they may be, to do what you need to do. Like I said in my Hierarchy of Priorities, Once you know what you want in life and where you need to begin heading in your life to achieve it, you have to be willing to temporarily set aside those larger goals to get past where you are. The same principle holds here,  letting go of those immediate temptations is key to achieving an over all wellness.

This is not always as easy as it sounds. I’ve been trying to get out of this rut for a while now and the longer I stay in it, the worse the consequences become. They’ve stopped just affecting my personal work and have now began affecting the work and time of people close to me, and that isn’t acceptable. I don’t have a solution or an easy way of getting over this, but I’m finally able to fully admit that it’s a large detriment in my life. If you have any suggestions that have helped you, let me know… I’m a bit stumped myself.


Comments on: "Do What You Say" (2)

  1. Calvin said:

    Whenever I find myself in this situation, I simply remind myself of the goal I am trying to achieve and the negative consequences that could result from not doing what I am supposed to do. Doing so helps me to get back on track. This is a typical situation that tends to happen to many people. I have notice this especially from my friends who are great procrastinators. I cannot blame them though. Procrastination seems to be an epidemic spreading among college students.

    Flaking out is not a good thing. Don’t you just hate it when people flake out on you? I know I do, especially when you make the time and effort to actually spend time with them.

  2. I agree with this blog! The idea of understanding the essence of your passions is refreshing. For me, it tends to be StarCraft that I have a passion for. In essence, however, it’s a passion for strategy. The game is just the vehicle for that passion.

    Regarding following through with your passions, I’ve found that I can continue pursuing the things that interest me by simply doing what I know. If something has interested me, I’ll naturally spend enormous amounts of time and energy furthering myself in those things. Not following through only happens to me when it’s either not actually important or not interesting. Sadly, some important things are not interesting to work with..

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