Controlling Overwhelming Inspiration

I interviewed a student recently who has claimed to have trouble dealing with his inspirations to get his thoughts on the subject and this is what he said.

What do you do currently, John?

I’m a senior Computer Science major at UT Dallas.

Do you, or have you ever suffered from having too many ideas or inspirations?

Yes, I will get very inspired on certain subjects but begin to think too much into the extra components required to begin working on them and I will become too overwhelmed to do anything with them.

What subjects frequently give you the most inspiration?

Music and software innovations.

How have you overcome this problem in the past?

I frequently don’t, but when I do it’s because I have some one to help push me.

Do you feel that this problem is an overlooked issue or one that should be more addressed in academia?

Yeah, I don’t feel that it’s overlooked so much as approached in the wrong way; maybe if it was taken from a more neurological view.

Talking with John gave me the impression that he was familiar with regularly being overwhelmed with his ideas, but he talked about them in a way that made it seem like this was something he had little control over in the long run. This feeling of helplessness is something I feel commonly surrounds people affected by inspiration overload and is something I will continue to dig deeper on in future posts. I’d like to thank John for allowing me to post his answers up here.


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